Letter – John Williams, 2 May 1864


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Letter written by Captain John W. Williams, 1st Lieutenant, 29th PA Infantry; Acting Assistant Adjutant General on the staff of Brigadier General James B. Ricketts. He writes to William Dehon from the Falls of the Schuylkill, PA to thank Dehon for the photograph of Dehon’s son, Lieutenant Arthur Dehon, who was killed in action. Williams regrets that the lack of an open position on General Ricketts’ staff did not allow him to get to know Arthur better. He writes that his wife is hopeful for another visit from Dehon in the future.

-Page 1-

Falls of the Schuylkill, P.C.

                        May 2nd, 1864

My dear Mr. Dehon

     I was much gratified yesterday by the receipt of the photograph of your son, Arthur. I think the likeness excellent and its possession, coupled with your sentiments in my behalf, will always be cherished.

     My regret was that General Ricketts had no position vacant on his staff that I might have known Arthur better.

     Mrs. Williams has often spoken of your very agreeable

-Page 2-

though short visit, and hopes that another season may bring us one more worthy [of] the name. She desires me to assure you how highly she appreciates your remembrance of her, and that the articles arrived in perfect order.

     With our united assurance of a hearty welcome always, I am with great regard.

                             Very sincerely yours,

                               John W. Williams

John W. Williams, from Pennsylvania, was a 1st Lieutenant of the 29th PA Infantry. He enlisted on July 5, 1861 and was promoted captain, A.A.A.G. of volunteers on April 14, 1862 (staff of Brigadier General James B.  Ricketts), and resigned July 30, 1863.

Arthur Dehon was William Dehon’s son and a 2nd Lieutenant in Webster’s 12 MA Infantry. He was killed in action at Fredericksburg.

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