Letter – Francis Boyd, 23 December 1862


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Condolence letter from Francis Boyd to William Dehon upon the death of his son Arthur Dehon, who was killed at Fredericksburg.

-Page 1-

My Dear Sir,

Had I been in the city yesterday, I should have attended to the funeral services of your late son Arthur and silently mingle my sympathy with you in your bereavement. – from old military association, I am confidant you will excuse me in writing, even to simply assure you, of a deep and heartfelt sympathy, in the loss of your son, while in the service of his Country; perhaps, I feel it the more keenly, in the fact that my two eldest born, are now absent in like duty & exposed to peril, & it may become my lot to experience the same pains of affliction, under which I now know, you are suffering.

While we cannot see with our own eyes, why our Country

-Page 2-

is thus called upon to pass thro the fiery ordeal of today, or why we should be called upon thus to give of our sons, whom we so cherish, let us have faith, that its not done by an overruling Providence, without end, or object – to accomplish this, the cultivated, well from blood much mingle with that, not so [???] , that sacrifice you have been called upon to make.

Again I assure you of my own & I know of many others sympathy, among our old associations of the military in this city praying for Divine Aid in this your hour of trial, and with sentiments of utmost respect

Remain your friend

Francis Boyd

Dec. 23 62

Arthur Dehon was William Dehon’s son and a 2nd Lieutenant in Webster’s 12 MA Infantry. He was killed in action at Fredericksburg.

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