Letter – Helen Wyman


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Condolence letter from Helen Wyman to William Dehon upon the death of his son Arthur Dehon, who was killed at Fredericksburg. She speaks of Arthur joining his mother in heaven.

My dear Mr. Dehon,

The Cross is laid heavily upon you – my heart weeps for you, but God alone can & will help you to bear it.

You brought me, sympathy & comfort; but in this dark hour, I can only you the former.

His life was short, but beautiful; & you have given him back to his sweet mother, as unsullied as she left him; if you have lost him, she has gained him, & together they wait & watch for you; it will be but a little while, when you can say to them – “All is Well.”

With deepest loving sympathy,

Helen D. Wyman

Arthur Dehon was William Dehon’s son and a 2nd Lieutenant in Webster’s 12 MA Infantry. He was killed in action at Fredericksburg.

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