Letter – C. Alexander Thompson, 27 January 1863


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Letter written by C. Alexander Thompson, a civilian arms worker, to his friend in Bridesburg, PA, from New Haven, CT. Thompson is requesting a job with his friend, as a U.S. Inspector recently visited his own workplace and said that their work was done incorrectly. As they will need to alter their tools, Thompson will not be able to do any work for quite a while.

-Page 1-

New Haven Jan 27th 1863

Friend Dodge

You will probably be surprised at my writing to you for a job i was foolish that i did not come when you wrote for me but they promised to give me a good thing here but last week there was a US Inspector here and he said the work was all wrong so they have got to make an alteration in there tools and it will be some time before i will have

-Page 2-

anything to do so if you have not got all the men you want i will come immediately on receiving a letter from you i wish you would write so i can get a letter by Saturday if you dont want me i wish you would ask Tupper if he wants anybody give my respects to all and be sure and write and oblige

Yours Muchly

C Alexander Thompson

It is believed that Thompson worked for the New Haven Arms, Co., which manufactured the Henry Repeating Rifle. He is possibly writing to the manager of the Jenks and Son plant in Bridesburg, PA.

L. Dodge is believed to have been an employee and possibly a manager at Alfred Jenks & Son in Bridesburg, PA. They made contract US arms and various patented arms such as the Jenks carbine.

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