Letter – Nieks, 9 January 1864


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Letter to L. Dodge from his friend Nieks at Harper’s Ferry. Nieks sarcastically inquires about Dodge’s dismissal from his employment (presumably from an obnoxious employer) and confides that he also is looking for employment. He admits that he is disappointed with the results of the campaign, but that they must stand up for democracy and truth and hopes that republicanism will crawl back into the hell it came from.

-Page 1-

Harpers Ferry VA

January 9th /64

Friend Dodge

How are you to day, and how do you get along since I heard from you, I hear that Lord [Caroll?] by the sanction of Prince Barton has dismissed you from the employ of his most royal Highness, and sent you adrift upon the dreary world outside the sacred enclosure of his Royal Highness’ workshops, political prescription I opine, Well how wages the world with you since? and what are you driving now for greenbacks? — The world has been running round several times

-Page 2-

last we met but by some mishap, I am continualy on the under side, and while I do not feel like complaining truth must be told, I cannot climb, I am now without employment, and shall be compeled to seek it, and may probably have to visit the north again, but, I think I shall keep clear of Bartons, — I must thank you for my Christmas present I received through our Friend Ault, and hope I shall be able some day to regail you with a token of rememberance,

Let me hear from you soon, for it gives me pleasure to have a line from from an old and true friend, remember

-Page 3-

me to all our acquaintance especialy to Blodget & Hopkins and our Brother boarders; tell me if you hear from Smith and how he is.

Well now [???] I shall not weary you with much more but must add a line on politicks, I feel much disappointed in the result of the campain but must ever believe that an unholy fraud as black as [???] dispaiR has been practiced, but a day of retribution must come, the principals of democracy are the source of truth and must prevail when republicanism will hide its deformed and hideous face and crall back to its native hell

-Page 4-

So you see I am yet hopefull but now we must shake hands and say good bye, and if you see a place where I can make a few pennys either by pen or file, let me know & I will join you

Yours Muchly


Excuse my paper

L. Dodge is believed to have been an employee and possibly a manager at Alfred Jenks & Son in Bridesburg, PA. They made contract US arms and various patented arms such as the Jenks carbine.

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