Letter – Thomas Love, 18 April 1848

2015.002.084 Mexican War letter written by Surgeon Thomas Neely Love of the 2nd Regiment MS Infantry, from Cedras, Mexico. Love is writing to Mrs. William Rasha Cannon, a close family friend. He hopes that Mrs. Cannon may introduce him to some young ladies upon his return. He then goes on to describe his journey to […]

Telegram – Alexander Webb, 6 April 1863

2015.002.082 Telegram from Lieutenant Colonel Alexander S. Webb, staff of Major General George Meade, to his wife Annie, dated April 6th, 1863. In this brief telegram, Webb tells his wife that he will try and get to Washington, D.C. to meet her. The telegram was sent by the American Telegraph Company, and on the back […]

Letter – Zebulon Ryder, 15 December 1863

2015.002.081c Letter by Private Zebulon P. Ryder of Company I, 11th PA Cavalry, to his mother. Ryder describes how busy he has been since many soldiers re-enlisted and were given furlough. He claims he will not be able to easily get a furlough but will be home to stay in August. He expresses displeasure with […]

Letter – Zebulon Ryder, 24 December 1861

Letter written by Private Zebulon P. Ryder of Company I, 11th PA Cavalry, to his father while in camp near Suffolk, VA. Ryder states he is having an easy time but is unsure of how long that will last. During his last scout, his regiment captured three Rebel pickets. He wishes to be home for […]

Letter – Zebulon Ryder, 21 September 1862

2015.002.081a Letter written by Private Zebulon P. Ryder, Company I, 11th PA Cavalry, while he was in Suffolk, VA. The first half is addressed to Ryder’s grandmother. He tells her how happy he was to hear from her, despite her downhearted outlook on his time away at war. He is having a good time, with […]

Letter – Daniel Dodge, 14 April 1865

2015.002.080 Letter written by Private Daniel C. Dodge of Company D, 26th MI Infantry, near City Point, VA. Dodge is writing from the hospital, and feels fine though he hates to see his fellow soldiers with amputated limbs. Dodge believes the war is nearly finished, as Robert E. Lee has surrendered. He hopes to return […]

Letter – Frank Bond, 2 January 1885

2015.002.079 Letter written by former Major Frank S. Bond, Aide-de-campe on the staff of Major General William S. Rosecrans, from NY. Bond is responding to a request from Louis Garesche who is writing a biography of his father, Lieutenant Colonel Julius Garesche, who was Rosecran’s Chief of Staff. Bond was with Garesche on the day […]

Letter – Calvin Shedd, 15 November 1862

2015.002.078 Letter written by 2nd Lieutenant Calvin Shedd of Company A, 7th NH Infantry, to his wife and children, from St. Augustine, FL. Shedd writes about a rumor that the Confederates took over a steamer ship containing mail from the Union troops, though he hopes it isn’t true as he recently sent money home to […]

Letter – Anthony Burton, 24 January 1862

2015.002.077a Letter written by 1st Lieut. Anthony B. Burton of the 5th Independent OH Battery (Hickenlooper’s), to his foster father Z. B. Coffin, from the headquarters in Jefferson City, MO. Burton writes Coffin that his regiment has just been paid, and includes a breakdown of his wages. Though he is happy with the pay, there […]

Letter – Lemuel Smith, 12 December 1864

2015.002.076f Letter from Lemuel Smith to his friend, L. Dodge from Woonsocket, RI. Smith thanks Dodge for sending him a paper and speech and for filling him in as to recent political meetings. He states he’s not surprised Dodge was let go for his politics as he never considered his employers to have much principle. […]


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