Image Use & Requests


© Pamplin Historical Park owns all images and content posted on this website. Duplication or publication of this material without express written permission from Pamplin Historical Park is prohibited. Excerpts, links, and images may be used for research purposes, provided that full and clear credit is given to Pamplin Historical Park.

Where’s the Rest of the Document?

We have provided low-resolution scans of the first page of every document for free along with the transcription. Scans of the full document (600 dpi TIFF files) can be provided for a fee.

I’d Like to Request an Image…

If you are interested in receiving a digital copy of of a document, please download and review our Image Request Policies & Fees, and then contact us here. The associated cost is based on the sum of 3 fees: production, permission, and research. Prices listed are subject to change.