Letter – Anonymous, 16 September 1871


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Letter associated with the papers of Sgt. Joh W. Wiggins, Company F, 39th NC Infantry, who was mortally wounded at Chickamauga, GA. Letter is written by an unknown author and addressed to “Eva,” from Blairsville, GA. The writer expresses his feelings for Eva, mentioning that while he received two letters and a “love baskit” from a Miss Jennie in Asheville, NC, that his feelings are for her. He defends himself against rumors “told by some vile Tongue” and implores her to answer “that question” in her return letter.

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Blaresville, GA

Sept 16th 1871

Dear Eva,

I have been passing the time pleasantly for the last two days at the camp meeting, but to day I am at home writing to you which is the greatest pleasure I can have, and I hope it will be answered, with the same interest, one word from you will be a great pleasure to me. When I came home I found two letters from Miss Jennie, she sent with one of the pritiest little love baskits you ever saw she said she made it with her own hands for me. she says I must hury and come home to Asheville for she wants to come to Georga She is trying to get her father to go to the west says I must go to. but I will not go til I loose all hopes of the only one I love and that is Miss Eva. Uncle says Miss Jennie [missing] is the pretiest lady she saw in Asheville [missing] She is worthy of any gentlemans [missing] I ca not love her as long [missing]

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you and your sweet company. believe me I am not jokeing.

Miss Eva the last words you said to me was be honest with you Oh that I would prove to you I am the same and unchageable I would suffer torture rather than flatter or deceive you. I have never told you any thing but truth and I never will. you will se[e] all the reports on me is demonstrably falce [false] and told by some vile tung [tounge] to injure me, and I have too much confidence in you to think you will believe them a gain

Miss Eva I have an intrust in your well fare, and I hope I can show it some day by makeing you happy. you are two nice a lady to be the survant man you should enjoy the pleasure of this world as you are worthy [of] it pleasurse, you said you probly would answer that question be fore my school was out please answer by the return mail and I will be pleased to hear the good news I will come after you [missing] bring you to Georga [missing] come and stay in Georga [missing] and I will take you home [missing] for ever enjoy your sweet company [missing]

the same and [missing]