Letter – Lemuel Smith, 12 December 1864


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Letter from Lemuel Smith to his friend, L. Dodge from Woonsocket, RI. Smith thanks Dodge for sending him a paper and speech and for filling him in as to recent political meetings. He states he’s not surprised Dodge was let go for his politics as he never considered his employers to have much principle. He expresses his desire to meet up with Dodge sometime soon for a “social nip” but that his health will likely not permit.

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Woonsocket Dec 12th 1864

Mr. L. Dodge

Dear sir I received your kind favor of the 4th and was very glad to hear from you to learn that you were enjoying good health at least so I infer from your letter and that you were not detered from speaking your views in the late canvas by any thing that your enimees did to prevent the free expression of opinion. I was verry much disappointed in not being able to attend any of the political meetings this fall though as I had no voice in the election it did not make much diference. I should like to have been at the Burg for I heard through the papers that there was considerable political excitement in the State and I should have had A chance to hear some

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smart men on both sides. I thank you for sending the Paper and the Speach at the meeting in Bridesburg I should like to have heard you verry much I expect that you enjoyed yourself muchly during the campaign. you told me that you had got burned out of work but did not say what you are doing at present. I cannot say that I am not surprised at the course of Carrol or Jenk’s toward’s yourself for I never considered either of them of much real principle only as far as praise or pocket was concerned. I have not tryed that medicine that you recomended yet but think I will soon for there is nothing like trying diferent remedies in A case like mine. I look about

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as well as I ever did and have A pretty good appetite and think that I shal come out all right yet. there is a great many things hat I want to hear about from the burg and I would like to hear from you soon for I know you did not tell me half that you wanted to in your last letter. I would like to take a social nip with you at Davy’s new mill but such enjoyment is not to be mine at present. give my respects to enquiring friends

Your friend Lemuel Smith

Woonsocket Falls


L. Dodge is believed to have been an employee and possibly a manager at Alfred Jenks & Son in Bridesburg, PA. They made contract US arms and various patented arms such as the Jenks carbine.