Letter – Samuel Hallack, 17 November 1864


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Letter from Samuel Hallack to his friend L. Dodge. Samuel expresses his regret that Dodge has apparently lost his employment due to his political beliefs and that things like politics and religion should not have any influence in business. He thinks Dodge should not be out of work long and offers him a position where he is, though he thinks Dodge will dislike Lowell. He ends with a postscript regarding a conflict with a mutual friend.

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Lowell Nov 17th 1864

Dear Friend Dodge

I should have answered your letters before but have not found it convenient. I think that you have acted an honorable part and one that you will never regret. however much we may regret the termination of the campaign and would be glad to do anything in my power to make good all which you have lost by your political course, for I think that different opinions of politics and religion should have no influence in business matters, I am really sorry that you have lost your

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situation at Bridesburg but glad that business is good nearly everywhere for I do not think that you will need be out of work at all,

You can have a job here at 250 per day if you can do no better elsewhere still I do not think you would like Lowell as a place to live. I shall not stay here long although I have a very good easy situation but my health will not admit of my staying here. I do not know where I will decide to go.

I received a paper from Joe Hopkins with a carte visit of our Worthy President looking for your prayers and 500,00 more If you see him thank him for me and tell him I will write to him soon How are you firkin

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There is a great deal I would like to say to you if I could see you but do not feel able to write more at present. If you come this way be sure and call on me I will write again soon Mrs H sends her kind regards With many wishes for your prosperity I am truly your friend

Samuel Hallack

P.S. I think that you were right in regard to Archibald and he will see it some day, but he made a poor return for my friendship, I think his conscience will punish him at some future time with compound interest. SH.

L. Dodge is believed to have been an employee and possibly a manager at Alfred Jenks & Son in Bridesburg, PA. They made contract US arms and various patented arms such as the Jenks carbine.