Letter – Anonymous, December 1862


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Letter written by an unknown Vermont soldier, to his possible sweetheart Mary Cory of Suffolk, VT. The soldier tells Mary that all was well, but that he was sad that she “could not think that I was the one for you.” He writes that he will always be there for her as a friend, and hopes that her rejection was not because she has found someone else. He mentions working on the fort that day.

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De the 1862

Dear friend i now set down to let you [know] that we are all well i ricived your letter and was glad to her from you but it made me feel bad to think that you could not think i was the one for you but hat[tie?] hunt is not the one for me but it is for you to say but I shall allways mete you as a frind whare evry i met you as whare i be but it cant be that your as mad but you i gess have found one

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that suites you better but i hope that you haint i have been on the fort to work to day but i did not work long two ours then i went to Camp and i though that i would write you a few linds but you did not say for me to write but i thought i would to let you no that i recived your letter and i hope these few linds will find you well give my love to all tell Adline And Nelson that i shall be home in the spring if i live this is all that i can think of now my love to you this from your friend now and forevry write soon

To Mary Cory,


Suffolk Ver