Letter – Samuel Huston, 29 December 1815


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Order from Major Samuel Huston of the 2nd Battalion, 13th Regiment Shenandoah [Virginia] Militia, to Captain Ambrose Heakel, from Newmarket, VA. Last digit of date is torn, the letter most likely dates from 1815, but is possibly from 1813. Huston is issuing a patrol order to Heakel to take seven men and visit places with suspected unlawful assemblies of slaves. All slaves without papers will be taken before the magistrate for trial. He also gives Heakel the right to take in any persons who may be rioting or otherwise disturbing the peace.

Newmarket Dec 29 181[?]

Mr Abraham Heakel

Sir you are hereby appointed as Captain of a A patrol in John Newmans District and to take under your command John Kinde Abraham Savage Jr John O Neil Jr James M Case, Walter Newman Jr & Russel Bulkley, and Robert Dunlap and Visit all suspected places of unlawful Assemblies of slaves, and take up all slaves without paper from his of her Master and take before the Nearest Magistrate for trial and apprehend all slaves unlawfully assembled or any slaves strolling about without paper as above, and all other persons who may be found rioting or Disturbing the peace of the Neighbourhood – agreeably to an act of Assembly

Samuel Huston

Major 2d Battalion

13th Regt Shenandoah Militia

Samuel Huston was born in Virginia on August 9, 1749. He married Catharine Savage (daughter of Abraham Savage) on September 11, 1802, with whom he had at least 2 daughters. In 1806 he purchased a lot at the corner of Congress Street in Newmarket, VA from Daniel Reamer. He is listed as a witness to several real estate transactions from 1806 through 1813. At the time of this letter he was serving as a major with the 2nd Battalion, 13th Regiment Shenandoah [Virginia] Militia. He enlisted on July 27, 1814 to serve in the War of 1812 (1812-1815) a Major Colonel Yancy’s Regiment in the VA Militia. He was discharged on February 6, 1815. In 1817 he was listed as a trustee for the New Market Academy. He died December 28, 1846 in Lincoln County, MO, aged 97. He is buried in Troy City Cemetery, MO.

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